Julio's Mexican Grill

People all over South Montgomery County are talking about Julio's Mexican Grill in Magnolia. Located in what was originally Egypt, Texas, Julio's Grill is a family owned and operated Tex Mex Restaurant in Magnolia with Authentic beginnings. This Mexican Cantina style restaurant offers a full bar with the usual assortment of LCD televisions as well live music and Karaoke on weekend nights.

With so many choices for Tex Mex in and around The Woodlands, why settle for just one? Many of us simply choose to eat the nearest Mexican restaurant rather than leaving our comfort zone and trying something new. If Julio's Mexican Grill isn't in your list of go-to TexMex restaurants, then you owe it to yourself and your family to give them a shot at earning your business. Give Julio's in Magnolia a try today, you won't regret it!

The team at Julio's Mexican Grill is comprised of friendly, motivated people preparing and serving delicious Tex Mex food including Enchiladas, Fajitas, Mexican Pizza and Fantastic Margaritas.
Join us on our cozy patio for your afternoon and evening dining pleasure.

Julio's Mexican Grill Team

Owners Julio and his younger brother Juan Carlos came to Texas from the Yucatan, which has some of the best cuisine in the world. Julio got an early start in the restaurant world at age eight, working alongside family members in a number of capacities in the various food service enterprises. As a young adult his desire to own a restaurant grew while he continued to work in the restaurant industry. After immigrating to San Antonio, Texas in 2006 he began working at several Mexican restaurants throughout Central Texas while completing his business management degree. Quickly working his way up through the ranks, from busboy to general manager, to overseeing the training of staff in new restaurants, he is now able to understand every facet of restaurant management. Julio worked under a Rico's Mexican Grill franchise license until the opportunity to purchase the business outright was presented to him and that's where Juan Carlos comes back into the picture. In 2015, Julio's Mexican Grill was born and his childhood dream had been realized. With deep roots in authentic Mexican food, Julio offers excellent renditions of Tacos al Pastor, puffy tacos, Mexican pizza and the “best beef fajitas” in the area.
Juan Carlos worked alongside with his brother Julio, at his uncle's restaurant in Mexico before following Julio to San Antonio in late 2006. Initially planning to only stay long enough to buy a car and return to Mexico for university, he was working long hours in two different restaurants. Eventually, after consolidating his working hours to just one restaurant, and bussing tables all day, he was soon moved up to working as a bar-back during the evening hours - which then turned into being the bar manager. It was during this time that Juan Carlos would meet his future wife, which would also interfere with his plans of returning to Mexico and becoming a lawyer. After a brief return to Mexico, he would realize that love was more important and he relocated back to the States and his future wife. He soon acquired a position in management in yet another Mexican restaurant in San Antonio before the eventual move to working with Julio as his assistant manager at a Los Cucos location in San Antonio. Later, Juan Carlos would move to the Houston area, to work with his brother Julio in the restaurant business
Together, they began Julio's Mexican Grill in Magnolia with a second store at the front of The Woodlands, on Sawdust road.

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